This was pretty cool. See those little silver balls all over the ground? They're these little motorized balls... I think they sell them as cat toys... they've got this little weight inside them that gyrates, and it makes the balls move on their own. If you set one down, it starts moving and rolling around by itself, and if you try to roll one in a straight line, it wobbles off onto its own path.

These guys dumped a box of 500 of them into the central area of the festival. For 45 minutes I watched them wobble out and slowly disperse throughout the crowd.

There's a neat story about what this is, but it's more complicated than is worth telling here. I just like the picture.

The desert sunrise alone is worth the price of admission.
(By the way, the big round thing with the pole sticking out of it is the remains of a sundial made of a ten foot ball of ice... I'm going to come back to that later.)

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