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Nostalgia corner! Digging through some old archives, I found the rant I originally posted on this page when I created it in 2003. For historical interest, it is:

OK, let me give you the harangue: Email is so popular because it's the refuge of cowards. It's disconnecting us. It's like "I'll have my people call your people." It's like, here, let me contact you, and dodge you at the same time.

That said, email if you gotta, <[email protected]>. But I'd dig it a lot more if you'd think for a minute and just send me your phone number, and I can call you.

While we're at it, get rid of your cell phone, too. What's so important that you gotta be talking to someone when you're on the bus? Can't it wait?

Amazing how things change, isn't it?

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