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1998: Rehearsal tapes - listen at your own risk

These are the only recordings I have of the guitar playing that I do sitting around my bedroom for my own enjoyment. Distorted, sloppy, with out-of-key vocals and at times unlistenable noise. Listen with caution.
 Name  Last Modified   Size
 1_pb_process_2.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:03   2.0M
 2_tod_gd_vox_use_8_b.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:08   853k
 3_tim_soulful_rough_.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:15   1.2M
 4_IJWMLTY_ok_fun_tim.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:21   1.1M
 5_honky_distorted_PR.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:51   1.3M
 6_smt_almost_perfect.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:33   1.1M
 cs.mp3  13-Oct-2003 03:33   2.2M

1986: It Shouldn't Be News To You

The summer before college, I was carrying a serious torch for my friend Marissa, and she playfully asked me if I would write a song for her. I foolishly agreed.

These are the sole surviving pieces from about 8 hours of 4-track recordings I made near the end of high school.

 Name  Last Modified   Size
 01 It Shouldn't Be News To You.mp3 23-Aug-2005 11:30   5.5M
        This was the song I wrote for her. I spent about 3 days on this recording.
 02_An_Innocuous_Little_Song.mp3  23-Aug-2005 11:30   2.2M
        This is the one I told her I wrote for her. This song took 3 hours to write & record.

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