O! Poem that spoke of a man who croaks,
were you not my own, I would quote ye!
I would think that whoever composed you smokes dope,
but I know it ain't so 'cause I wrote thee.

Which poet is it, that constructed you, ode?
'Twas myself! Tho I scant deserve credit.
For a poem's not a poem 'less it stands on its o'en
through my 50 neurotic edits.

And forget let us not, the post-poem note!
Doleful lament upon poem just wrote,
pensively telling of muse that had flo'en.
Though reader, perhaps, was just glad poem was do'en.

NOTE: The poet wishes it to be known:
It's not his intent to promote or condone
the writing of poems about one's other poems.
Do as I say, not as I've do'en.

copyright © 2003-2006 Life In A Mikeycosm