Our picnic, continued...

ALIENS ATTACKED!! These strangely garbed creatures and their hideous robotic masters materialized in front of us!

At first I thought we had the advantage... I shouted "You can't have our chicken!"
They froze and said, "Who said that?" and raised their hands up in the air. But then they spotted us!

The humanoid servants must have noticed us first, because they pointed towards us and began flailing and gesticulating in their exotic alien language. It sounded like they were laughing. The fearsome robots advanced...

I must have blacked out then, because the next thing I knew, I woke up on a warehouse roof in Hoboken, with a receipt for $63 worth of chow mein in my hand and no memory of how I got there.

All in all, a very fun day of picnicing.


OK, these pictures are actually of my friends Dave and Peggy at the Aibo expo. I juts posted them here to embarrass them for going out in public wearing matching outfits. Not tomention doing a synchronized dance routine.