In the strict formulation of the causality law - "when we know the present precisely, we can calculate the future" - it is not the final clause, but rather the premise, that is false. We cannot know the present in all its determining details.
                                                                       -Werner Heisenberg

I lie. All the time.

Not to you, to myself.

Truth is difficult. And, truth is scary. Because truth hurts. The big secret about that, though, as that hearing the truth isn't what really hurts. Telling the truth, that's the painful one.

Because to tell the truth to others, you have to be truthful to yourself. Telling the truth involves owning up to your own true feelings... feelings which may not be rational and may in fact be contrary to how you try to live your life. (At least, those of you who are in fact trying to live your life in a particular way.)

It doesn't require dishonesty to motivate a liar - fear will do the job just fine. And I, optimist that I am, believe people are more frequently fearful than consciously dishonest. How well do you trust your own motives? Do you know them at all? Do you even really want to? If the answers aren't 'well', 'yes', and 'yes', you may be a liar. Because it's easier than thinking about this shit.

------------ The rest of this essay has been pulled for reconsideration following radical paradigm shift..

The upshot is, everything you read on this website is 100% true, with the two exceptions: a.) proper names of people and places, where they are not essential to the story or in instances where I have not sought permission from the parties involved or their surviving relatives, and b.) anything in the "Temenos" section, which, much like the real world, makes you no promises but is hopefully more fun because of that.

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