Our Picnic

So, this friend of mine, he works across the street from the 24 Hour Fitness gym at 2nd & Folsom. So, one day, he's walking down the street on his lunch break, eating his lunch, and he stops to think about something... and suddenly he looks down and notices he's got a row of people on treadmills, staring at him while he eats.

So, we got a bucket of fried chicken, a dozen donuts, and a couple of lawn chairs...

Here's my friends, on our delightful Sunday outing, to have Fried Chicken and Donuts in front of the treadmills at 24 Hour Fitness at 2nd and Folsom. Fortunately, someone thought to bring the lawn chairs!

We had such a good time that we decided to hop in the car and visit our friends at some of the other fine Vapid City 24 Hour Fitness locations. After a stop to pick up a KFC 12-piece bucket and a six pack of Cokes, we were on our way.

Here we are at the Marina location, stymied by the well-planned 2nd floor workout room. No way were we going to climb a tree just to eat chicken and donuts in front of these people.

At the Potrero 24 Hour Fitness, they had completely emptied the area by the windows. Obviously they were warned that we were coming.

Dismayed by our two defeats, we sat down to talk strategy. Right about that time, we realized that despite what we had already eaten, we were all still pretty hungry.

So, we said fuck it, and just had a picnic.

Which would have been the end of the story, until suddenly...